I'm an artist/student who likes comics, red lipstick, and starting sentences with "studies show..."

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Remember the Scarlet Witch piece? Finally managed to complete it tonight - so here it is!

Her dress came out a tad different from my mental visualization but I still kinda like it the way it is here. Also, it’s an excuse for me to attempt another version sometime in the future :)

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#i would call you daddy if you asked me to

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Something I couldn’t announce earlier in the day but can now: if the Brok Windsor reprint Kickstarter campaign hits its $25,000 stretch goal, I’m going to draw the missing final 9 pages of the story, from an unpublished script written in 1946.

Help make it happen, people!


Space marine from an other age

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I did a retailers exclusive variant cover for the death of you know who. Hope you like it.


Seems Robbi’s drawn at LEAST one more Spider-Gwen…


#Inking my piece for the @JohnCanuck1942 Kickstarter. #johnnycanuck #comics #comicbook #workinprogress #canadian #history

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